Reception of the district executive committee

4 Engelsa Street
247960, Zhitkovichi




The region has some 127 cultural establishments, 56 libraries, one urban and 3 village children music schools and a folklore center.

There are 500 clubs, 270 of them cater for children and teenagers. A total of 150 have “national” status and 2 - “exemplary”.

Turov is one of the ancient Belarusian towns /dates back to 980/ possesses the manuscript Turov Gospel of the 11th century, the first book created on the Belarusian land.

Turov is a birthplace of Belarusian and Slavic religious figure, writer of the 12th century Kirill of Turov, political and cultural figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Konstantin Vasilievich Ostrozhskiy.