Reception of the district executive committee

4 Engelsa Street
247960, Zhitkovichi


Main Economy Industry


The railway Brest-Gomel and roadways Brest-Gomel, Minsk-Mikashevichi, Zhitkovichi-Stolin go through the region. The River Pripiat is used for navigation.

The region was greatly affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986 and by the 1993 flood.

The region lies on the territory of Pripiat Polesie, the low swale at a height of 120-145 meters above the sea level /the village of Belev – 184,1 meters/.

The region has deposits of shale oil, brown coal, building stone, peat and kaolin, rear-earth metal, sand, loam, granite and quartz gneiss.

Polesie is known by Lake Chervonnoye /the biggest in Gomel oblast with the total area of 43,6 square kilometers/ and Lake Beloye /15,6 square kilometers/. The biggest river flowing on the territory of the region is Pripiat with its inflows Sluch, Stviga, Skripitsa, Naut, Svinovod.

The region has National Park Pripiatskiy, a part of the state botanic reserve Lower Sluch, Zhitkovichi and Lenin hunting reserves, Zhitkovichi botanic herb reserve.