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Main Business Investment Atlas Why is our region?

Why is our region?

Why do you choose our region?
Zhitkovichi district is located in the south-west of Gomel region. It borders on Petrikov and Lelchitsy districts of Gomel region, Stolin and Luninets districts of Brest region, as well as Lyuban and Soligorsk districts of Minsk region.
The total area of the district is 2.9 thousand sq. km. 55.7% of the territory is occupied by forest with the predominance of coniferous and black alder tree species. 13.9% of the territory is made up of rivers, lakes and artificial reservoirs. The district occupies one of the leading places in the republic in terms of water area per 1 The pearls of Polesie are Lakes Chervonoe - the largest in Gomel region with an area of 43.6 sq. km and Beloe with an area of 15.6 sq. km. The largest river flowing in the district is the Pripyat. Brest – Gomel railway, international and national highways M-10, R-23,R57, R-88, R-128 pass through the territory of the district.
There are 105 settlements in the district, 103 of them are rural. The center of the district is the town of Zhitkovichi with the population of 16.1 thousand people. In total 34.5 thousand people live in the district. 95.0% of them are Belarusians, 2.7% are Russians, 0.8% are Ukrainians, 0.1% are Poles, 1.4% are of other nationalities.
The structure of land resources and the terrain are conducive to investment development:
- more than 60% of the district's land falls under agricultural land. Today in rural areas there are practically no barriers to obtain land for the purpose of running a peasant farm, as well as to obtain land plots by individuals in order to develop personal subsidiary plots, build housing or engage in agroecotourism.
-the region is rich in natural resources: sapropels, peat, kaolins, brown coal, oil shale, potash salts.
- the working-age population is around 50 %.
The town of Zhitkovichi is included in the list of small and medium-sized towns, in which, according to regulatory documents, tax incentives are provided for the organization of new industries, tax support for the development of entrepreneurial activity in the countryside.
One of the advantages of the district for an investor is the availability of unused real estate objects that are offered for sale, transfer for free use for the creation of new workplaces and the implementation of investment projects, as well as the availability of free land. There is a formed list of investment proposals posted on the Investor's Roadmap interactive portal.
Natural potential, biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and unique historical places can become part of the tourist routes that contribute to the tourist attraction of the region. The town of Turov is included in the system of tourist routes "The Golden Ring of Gomel Region" and is known to guests by the monument to the church leader and writer of ancient Rus Kirill of Turov, the Castle Hill (the castle of the ancient town), the museum of local lore and the museum of nature of Belarus. There are objects of historical and cultural heritage: the Turov Church of All Saints, St. Boris-Gleb chapel and a cemetery with miraculous crosses, a monument to the millennium of the formation of the Turov diocese, the Cathedral of Sts. Kirill and Lavrentiy of Turov, a monument to the native of Turov, Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky.
Important factor that affects the development of tourism is the availability of tourism infrastructure, which includes 12 hotels, 17 agro-estates, 2 hunter's and fisherman's houses.