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19 May 2021

FEZ Gomel-Raton residents' output up by 29.3% in Q1 2021

GOMEL, 19 May (BelTA) – In Q1 2021, resident companies of the free economic zone (FEZ) Gomel-Raton increased the output of industrial products by almost a third year-on-year, the FEZ Gomel-Raton administration told BelTA.
“In Q1 2021, our resident companies increased the output of industrial products by 29.3% over the same period of 2020. Products sold by Gomel-Raton resident companies are export-oriented. Export accounted for 70% of the total sales,” the administration said.
FEZ Gomel-Raton resident companies supply products to 64 countries, with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, and Lithuania being the major export markets. In January-March 2021, foreign trade grew by 19 percentage points year-on-year.
FEZ Gomel-Raton posted a foreign trade surplus in Q1 2021.
In January-March 2021, investment projects implemented in the free economic zone attracted Br159.4 million, which was 2.5 times as much as in January-March 2020. “Fixed-capital investments of FEZ Gomel-Raton resident companies amounted to Br98.8 million, 170.9% as against Q1 2020,” the administration noted.
At present, FEZ Gomel-Raton is home to 69 commercial entities, including 30 companies with a share of foreign capital from 16 countries.
The average staff number of the resident companies stands at 30,044 people. In Q1 2021, the companies hired 305 people for new jobs. The salary averaged at Br1,289 in January-March 2021 (120.7% as against the same period of 2020).

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